NO FOOLIN’: Trees in the powder room

I’m not sure what was weirder: the fact I had this sudden desire to paint trees in our powder room or the fact that my family didn’t think I was nuts for wanting to. Several weeks ago, I began to look at the powder, which is a very light purpley-gray, and it occurred to me – with the crazy high ceilings, some graphic trees behind the toilet might look pretty cool!

bath before edited final

I began plotting, looked at a lot of graphic walls on Houzz and finally just decided to give it a go. When I suggested it to my hubby and the kiddo – they liked the idea and encouraged me to go darker with the paint instead of lighter. Hmmmm…OK! I ended up getting a sample of Benjamin Moore Luxe. Basically a dark purple.

I am going to tell you this isn’t a project that went the way I planned. I gave my tree idea a test run on a piece of wood and it worked out great. I taped the tree shapes on with painter’s tape and it came out exactly the way I wanted. Nice sharp graphic “birch-esque” trees.

paint tape trees wall bathroom

But then I did it on the big wall and alas, when I pulled the tape – it was not the same. It had bled, which I usually do NOT have a problem with. (No idea what happened…the wall? the tape? me? We shall never know…)

tape paint trees bathroom

I thought I was going to have to call in THE BIG GUNS. You know – those people in my family who can actually paint pictures of THINGS. (i.e. my mom and sister) Luckily, I’m pretty stellar at cutting in free hand. (Just sayin’) I gave it a go and ended up free handing all the fixes, including the trees and repainting the background color.

The truth is that while some people like yoga, I like to paint walls. I find it relaxing. I don’t even listen to music or watch TV. I. Just. Paint. Even when the trees got messed up, I just kept going!

paint tape trees bathroom

After all that work, I think they turned out fantastic!

paint tape trees bathroom

By the way, the powder room is the first room I painted when we moved in about 6 years ago. Now I’ve found myself in “makeover” mode. (You know how it is; one thing just leads to another!) I’m on a mission to change up the towels etc. I’ve already painted all the trim and purchased a new mirror for over the sink. When I’m finished, I’ll share the details as per usual.

paint tape trees bathroom

Have you ever gone BIG with paint in your house? I’d love to know about any major painting you did that was bold and beautiful!




9 thoughts on “NO FOOLIN’: Trees in the powder room

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  4. These are great! [tho’ I confess, the artist in me wants to put just one singing bird up there somewhere, but I promise I won’t sneak paint into your bathroom]. I’m impressed and like that you even have them going behind the toilet. Hats Off!!!

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