I have decided that “Lessons Learned” cannot just be a one time a year event here on the blog.  Too many lessons happen every day, both in life activities and DIY activities.  There’s no way to capture them all in one post. (see 2013 lessons learned here)

I promised when I started writing that I would always be honest with you all!  Just know that if something happens to a project I shared with you – like, it ended up “having issues” – I will put it in a lessons learned post.  BUT, I will also add an update to the original blog post.  I just can’t purposefully lead anyone down the wrong path on a project.  I’d hate to do that – and if I do, please know it is completely accidental.

So here’s my most recent lessons learned.  (During this dreary winter.)

Logo Idea Lessons Learned copy

Lesson #1:  Spray painting in winter sucks!  Spray paint just doesn’t dry properly in the cold.  (as the can will tell you) You have to find somewhere inside safe and ventilated with enough room to spread your stuff out.  I end up cutting corners to get things done.  Things don’t dry properly.  In tight areas, (like my storage room) things get drips. Which stinks – because drips eventually peel.  Oh and by the way – don’t think spray paint isn’t landing outside of your drop cloth.  IT IS.  It settles in dust everywhere.  (thus the instructions about masks and ventilation)  Be careful, more things were orange in my basement than just my typewriter table!  (ick, don’t  tell the hubby) I don’t know if these are all the reasons why spray painting my boot tray for the pantry makeover was a complete fail or not.  Maybe I should have primed it?  Who knows but that leads me to Lesson #2 –

Lesson #2:  There are always things that are worth buying vs. DIYing.  I’ve actually known this lesson for years but still find myself caught up in the moment sometimes and break my own rules.  While the boot tray was a great solution for holding extra food in the pantry – I could have easily purchased one dirt cheap that would have fit in just fine without paint.  Probably for less money and less waste of spray paint.

Carrie at Lovely Etc. sums it up with this great infographic:   (isn’t it brilliant?!)

Lovely etc

Lesson #3:  I’m not a big fan of too much social media.  I am sorry but I just can’t keep up with it!  I want to get the word out, share my blog and keep everyone posted on the latest.  Sometimes, it just feels impossible.  I’m not criticizing anyone btw, this is about ME.  I have to make a decision about all the things I love and need to do.  I volunteer (a lot).  At any given time I have two newsletters I’m editing, projects for other people, committee meetings and OH, I’m supposed to be looking for a job and taking care of the kiddo.  (LOL) Needless to say – I’ve booked myself solid.

So, when I joined Twitter recently – It pushed me over the edge.  Literally, that little birdie sent me for a nose dive.  Nothing against Twitter, I just reached my personal social media limit.  What am I going to do about it?  Not sure yet.  I’ll keep you posted. 😉  (yes, I know about things like Hoot Suite.)

One more thing – which isn’t a lesson learned, but something you should know about this blog.  As I said from the beginning…This DIY project blog is an ADVENTURE.  It’s about ME & MYSELF as well as DIY.  I try new things – I wing it – I don’t follow directions all the time, I mess up. I’m here to share IDEAS (not tutorials usually) and inspire you to try new things too.

I’ll do another post on my “rules” sometime.  But to sum it up for now: I’m cheap, I prefer easy projects that anyone can do and I only do projects that I really want to do.

Thanks for reading…thanks for following…and Happy Weekend!!!  xxoo


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