DOORS: Just doors

Doors and windows are so popular today with vintage loving folks and DIYers.  I’ve never seen so many ways to reuse them before – It’s amazing!

But what if they are still attached to your house?  Seriously – does that mean they are out for the count from a décor standpoint?  I say NO!  (Unless you are a renter, in which case you are probably outta luck on this one, sorry!)

My neighbors have already seen this, but I knew I had to share with all of you because it is such an easy update. (Bear with me friends!) I had a really blah front door inside.  It is in front of a big staircase and a very open area.  It just looked boring and not up to its surroundings.

interior door

Last winter I decided to paint it.  I picked a brick/dark red color and just took the plunge!

painted interior door

It turned out that I absolutely loved it and still do to this day.  What an easy way to brighten up your life!  Every morning when I come downstairs, it still makes me smile.  (Plus, it takes very little paint to do.)

After the front door project, I decided my garage entry door needed to be a little more perky.

interior door painted

My husband loves to golf, so I went that route.

golf theme edited final

I spruced up the step and also added a chalkboard area so we could write each other messages.

chalk sign edited final

Some days when the kiddo comes home from school I hear scratching on the door.  I know she’s grabbed the chalk and left us a little message.  It’s so fun and really made the door far more interesting and useful.

I still have plenty of interior doors in my house for options.  I’m not sure if I will do any more of them, but there’s always a chance. (wink, wink!)  What about you?  Have you painted an interior door and if so, please share!


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