Do you have a kiddo who likes to “give gifts?”  I do!  Ever since she was little, she has HAD to give personal gifts to close family and friends for holidays and birthdays.  We spend a lot of time trying to come up with things she can make for our family that will be fun and easy yet still something everyone will be able to keep around the house. Well, everyone always keeps her gifts – but you know what I mean!  She really wants them to LIKE IT.

So here’s some inspiration from my Littlest One to yours.  This is the time of year for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – you name it!  (birthdays?)  While the Littlest One chose to do this project for Valentine’s Day – it doesn’t mean it can’t be used any other time of the year.

Remember these dollar store frames I used for the Baby Shower décor?  Well, they were granted their second life with this project. (You know I love me some frames!)

Frames 2 edited final

Here’s what the Littlest One did for her Heart Art:

Step one: Use card stock (you can use any paper really, we just happened to have card stock) and cut it down to the frame size.

Step two:  Then we went through all our old magazines and cut out hearts of different sizes.  I showed her how to look for the pictures with the best colors/patterns and cut hearts out of the middle. (My mom used to do this with me, I love it to this day!)

Step three:  We used regular school glue or glue sticks to create patterns with the hearts on the paper.  Layered hearts, animals, flowers – you name it!

Step four:  Then we put the whole thing in the frame.

Doesn’t get any easier or cheaper than that!  And honestly, the Littlest One pretty much did this alone.  Also, you can make any size you would like.  We had to make 8 so we did smaller ones.

Here are the Littlest One’s examples:

kids paper heart art

You can see she chose to sign hers with a little heart and initial.  I thought that was cute too.

kids paper heart art

Her uncle loves to fish!  This was his. (also my favorite!)

kids paper heart art

all heart art final edited

(By the way, we came up with this project on our own but I’m sure there are tons of examples of similar projects on Pinterest. Kudos to everyone!)

SPEAKING OF PINTEREST PROJECTS!  Last night when my brain was fried, the Littlest One and I enjoyed doing SOMEONE ELSE’S project for a change!  We had two frames left and WENT TO TOWN on a painted burlap bunny project I found by bloggers One Project Closer’s The Better Half and Four Marrs and One Venus.  (Make sure you click those links to see the projects they did!)

We had so much fun and I highly recommend it.  We didn’t have a stencil or a cookie cutter like they each used so the Littlest One freehanded hers with chalk and then painted it in.  I used a stamp.   Here’s how ours turned out:

both bunnies edited final

The Littlest One’s:

bunny 2 edited final


bunny 1 edited final

I think the Littlest One did a better job than me!

Thanks so much to One Project Closer and Four Marrs and One Venus for a fun and easy Easter Decoration.  They are now on our mantel ready for spring!


8 thoughts on “THE LITTLEST ONE: Kid’s Heart Art

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  2. Adorable 🙂 My husband keeps telling me to stop “forcing arty stuff” on my son lol – I LOVE making things for relatives etc but unfortunately my son doesn’t feel the same 😦 Luckily they all love simple cards where he writes his own short message 😉 WIN Perhaps the cutting and sticking element will excite him with these – then everyones happy 🙂

    • Haha! I love it! I know – many kids aren’t interested and that’s ok. Cards are perfect and my family always loved kiddo’s cards, especially when she was really little. 🙂

  3. Well, Dad and I certainly loved our Heart Art. AND I think the bunnies are great Easter decorations. If one didn’t worry about the elements [or had an apartment] , they could be hung on a long ribbon on the front door. But they’re too cute for the spring weather around here.

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