I actually have NO DIY in the works right now at all.  I have a list of course, but none of them are GREEN.  Or DONE. Or even started.  That’s ok. (Maybe?) Sometimes you just need a break!  Plus, I was sick all weekend.  Still sort of am.  Trying to recover and realizing – “Hey, as I get older, being sick is harder. Dang that sucks!”  Then I just get bummed out.

To my credit, I did make my daughter green eggs for breakfast, but unfortunately that’s about as far as I’ll probably get.  My comfy clothes aren’t green – but my old couch is!  (and maybe my skin color currently?) So when the family finds me there later sacked out – I’ll be basking in my St. Patrick’s Day glory.

couch copy

When I am down and out of commission like I am today – I try to do what everyone talks about.  Think of the good things, the blessings in my life.

Or today, since it is St. Paddy’s Day (Thank you Glen House for the correction!) THE REASONS I AM LUCKY.

Oh, and I also broke a mirror last week during my Master Bedroom Makeover  project and so really, I probably need to revisit my luck anyway.

Today, I’m lucky because it did not snow (as predicted) and therefore, I did not have to shovel.  This is a VERY good thing given my sick state.

Today, I’m lucky because my daughter is able to get her own school stuff together and help around the house.  You really don’t realize HOW AWESOME this is until one day your kid says “Mommy, I can do that.”   Trust me, I miss the baby years too but on days like this there is something to be said for your child’s semi-independence. THANK YOU – I’m SO lucky!

Today, I’m lucky because my husband takes good care of us.  And when I’m sick, still finds time to help me out.  What a friggin ROCK STAR he is!

Today, I’m lucky because – I’m here.  In my house, with my family.

Ok…I’m starting to feel better already. (not physically, but mentally)  Which is a good thing because suddenly I’m exhausted and my green couch is looking REALLY good.

Sending a little luck (Irish or not!) your way…Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  


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