INSPIRED BY: The Spring Wreath

Welcome to my first “Inspired By” post! 

Through blogging, I’ve discovered the crazy amount of online resources available to me for inspiration.  All my fellow rock star bloggers post amazing content across social media every day.  But the truth about me is, I actually get a lot of my ideas from outside the web-o-sphere.   There are also people in my daily life who don’t blog or don’t share their stuff online but they make AMAZING THINGS.

I’ve decided I want to feature some of my favorite projects that have been inspired by people I know, online or not.  Plus, there are people (LIKE YOU) that reach out to me on Facebook or wherever and say “Hey, I made this!” or “Hey, what do I do with this?” and then show me the results.  I. LOVE. THAT.

My first “Inspired By” is a wreath project by my neighbor, Stacy.  If you know her, you can’t HELP but be inspired by her.  She’s one of my Mom-Idols.

Here’s why:  She has young kiddos and works full time.  And somehow she still manages to DIY like a CHAMP.  I mean, beyond her beautiful home decorating and crafts – she’ll climb up in her scary attic to fix things.  I am NOT going up there – our attics are VERY HIGH.   And most importantly (for me), she’s a great friend.

This winter I dropped by her house for something and saw her working on this:

yarn flower wreath

Isn’t it lovely?  I really am a fan of yarn wreaths and had never made one before.  I was totally jealous and it inspired me to get moving!

My version is next.  My husband’s grandmother is turning 90.  If you remember from prior posts, I inherited a TON of crafty items from her when she moved this summer.  (Speaking of “Inspired By”, but that’s for another time!)  She had made these fabric flowers at some point:

flowers final edited

I decided to make her a spring wreath for her birthday gift using some of her flowers.  Here’s the details:

Step 1:  Like Stacy, I used a foam core wreath form.  She used all fluffy yarn to make it puffy and did 3 layers – one tight and two looser.   My change to her recipe – I wrapped it in Poly Fil first to add puffiness and hot glued it on just enough to hold.

wreath wrap edited final

Step 2:  Start wrapping the yarn.  This is the part of the project that can be either extremely boring or extremely zen-like.  Wrap as straight as you can.  You can do it in sections and knot it on the back afterwards, or just ball your yarn first and keep going.  I went all the way around once and then back over another time to cover any stray areas.

wrap yarn edited final

Step 3:  Once you are done wrapping, tuck in or knot any stray pieces on the back.

Step 4:  For my wreath, I cut felt triangles and stitched them just enough to create leaf effect.  Then I sewed and glued them onto the wreath along with the flowers.

felt edited final

Step 5:  Add your ribbon or any other items with hot glue and you are done!  I added a monogram “S” for my hubby’s grandmother.  TIP: I used a tie wrap through the yarn/ribbon on the back of the wreath to create the loop to hang it on.  (Tie wraps really do rule the universe sometimes!)

Here’s the final product.  I didn’t do too bad for the first time out I think?!

wreath 1 final edited

yarn felt wreath

Oh and the big birthday isn’t until next weekend.  Our grandmother is not on the web-o-sphere but keep it to yourselves anyway!!  😉

yarn felt wreath spring

And, if YOU are someone I should be inspired by – Message me on Twitter or FB, or leave a comment here.  I would love to see your projects and hear about your DIY adventures!

Looking for another monogram wreath idea? See my fall wreath post here.


6 thoughts on “INSPIRED BY: The Spring Wreath

  1. What a fun and kind as well, thing to do. I know she will really be touched by the fact that you used some of her handwork. Besides, it’s eye-catching and will make her door stand our as ‘hers’. Both pretty and thoughtful. SCORE!!!

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