I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO: DIY switch plate update

Ok, so there are just ideas you come up with that take forever for you to actually implement.  You wait for the right circumstance and then TADA!  Now that I have done this, I want to do this EVERYWHERE in my house.  (Seriously, everywhere.)

I have seen similar ideas on Pinterest about how to “dress up” your switch plates.  But I wanted mine to fit in with my trim so I went this route.  Enough writing, let’s get to work!

I started with regular switch plates that you have in your home.  The good news is:  you mess them up, they are cheap to replace.

Switch plate covers

Then I found frames at a dollar store and thrift shop.  This is the hard part.  Finding frames that fit what you want to do.  (I suggest taking your plates with you and holding the frames against them right in the store.  Or you are going to do a lot of returning like I did!)

Thrift & dollar store frames

If you are great at “mitering” and want to make them all uniform, you can always use pieces of trim to create the frame.  I wanted a little bit of character and less work, so I went with frames.  (Note: If you can’t find a frame that fits exactly, you could potentially use caulk to fill the gaps, but I haven’t tried that.)

Then I glued them onto the plates using Krazy Glue.  (As with all products, please follow safety directions found on the package.  And, no, they didn’t pay me.)

Frames glued to switch plate covers

Next I spray painted them. (Again, please read the can.  I use a face mask and spray in a well-ventilated area.)

Spray paint switch plate covers

Lastly, I sprayed a gloss clear top coat. Once they were nice and dry, I put the covers on the switches like you normally would.

Updated switch plate covers by Me, Myself & DIY

I couldn’t be happier with the results!  Of course, now I feel like I NEED to paint my trim but that’s for another time.

Updated Switch Plate Covers by Me, Myself & DIY

Easy switch plate update by Me, Myself & DIY

Easy switch plate cover update by Me, Myself & DIY

Have you decorated your switch plates?  If so, please share with me on Facebook – I love seeing everyone’s creativity!


37 thoughts on “I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO: DIY switch plate update

  1. Thank you for sharing your idea. I am in the process of upgrading my house and found these plates are expensive. Such a good idea that I plan to do this weekend. What a money saver.

  2. These are so awesome!!!! I’m going to purchase the supplies I need to complete my dining room and then surprise my husband when he gets home!!! He will be shocked/pleased that I did something like this 🙂 Thank you for sharing this!!!!! Im going to try a size 2×3 frame for the single outlet… fingers crossed that it fits 🙂

  3. You can take these ideas one step further with ceiling fans, if they have inserts, and you want to pull your room together and give those old fans an update. I took the rooms border and cut them to size, took out old insert and wella, also take the same borders and use as matts with pictures. Room is definitely pulled together, inexpensively.

    • Awesome way to make your switch plates look like a work of art. Also, did you know that electricians always have the screw heads running vertically? They align them so they are going up and down – all the same. We did that in our house – now all screw heads are aligned. Amazing how great that makes them look.

      Good job.

  4. Genius, pure genius! What a “WOW” factor without any cost. Thanks so much for adding the sizes of frames as a guideline of what size to start looking for. Now, just to match up!!!!

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  8. I think you could paint them different colors to match the decor in the room, especially a nursery or child’s room. What do you think?

    • Hey Brenda! As I mentioned in my post, this was definitely the hardest part of the project. For the 3 switch plate, I used a standard 4×6 from the dollar store. For the single plates, (they are the challenge) I had to dig through a thrift shop bin of frames but I was able to find some good fits. I haven’t done a 2 switch plate, but I did go looking the other day and discovered that a 4×4 fits – I found mine at Michael’s. But I haven’t completed the 2 switch yet. I also had the challenge of how close my trim was to the wall near the closet, so those kinds of things can change what type of frame you have to use as well. I hope this helps and thanks for asking!

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  10. Just saw this on Pinterest – what an awesome idea! Loved the way my brain clicked when I asked myself, why didn’t she spray paint the frames then glued them on the plates, the plates are white right? But then I thought, it may not be the same SHADE of white. Good idea to spray paint the whole thing!

    • Aha! Good point! Yes – the plates were a different white. You could do it the other way but I don’t think it would look as consistent. Glad you like it and thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  11. omgosh I am so silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! doh me!!!!!! I just realized now that you are simply just screwing the plate back on, lol sorry!!!!!!

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  13. VerY clever! But you’re right… now the rest of the switchplates in your house will be jealous and start guilting you every time you use them.

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