It’s been two hectic weeks.  Well, everything is hectic usually.  But you know what I mean – when it gets really AMPed up.  Or as Emeril used to say, “Let’s kick it up a notch!”

Like when you don’t remember most the conversations you have with your kiddo. (“Mommy, I’m going to go play with rusty nails.”  “Ok honey, sounds good.”)  Or when your husband gets the death flu (he says “I’ve got big presentation on Thursday honey!”) and you sleep in the guest room, praying you don’t get WHATEVER THAT IS.  And especially when your house looks like this:


You can relate, I’m sure. 

Ok, I’m done with the complaining…Here’s the long awaited update from my master bedroom:  As you can imagine, painting a bedroom with an ill hubby in it is not an option.  I have ONE wall left people!  It’s been slow, but man do I like it! Other small projects are going on in there as well.  I have a desk/nightstand to make over.  I have art to create.  So much to do, so much to do!

But, I owe you guys for following along so I’m revealing the accent wall/paint job.

I love painting stripes.  I just LOVE to.  This is something ANYONE can do.  Paint your base color.  Decide how many stripes you want and sizes.  Measure and use a level to draw the pencil line and then place your painter’s tape on that line (I use the blue stuff).  Make sure the tape is on there nice and tight and you are ready to go with your stripe color!

painting stripes

If your wall is textured or bumpy, you’ll need to take extra measures. Also, make sure to pull the tape while the paint is still wet.  For more information, here’s a great tutorial on painting stripes/patterns from Makely School for Girls.

When you pull the tape – well, it is a moment of achievement like nothing else.

painted stripes mindful gray sand beach sherwin williams

Let me know what you think.  As always I welcome your feedback!

painting stripes mindful gray sand beach sherwin williams

Colors used:  Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray and Sand Beach from the HGTV Home Collection!

And if you haven’t heard about my master bedroom adventure, here’s the prior posts:


7 thoughts on “MASTER BEDROOM UPDATE: Accent Wall Reveal

  1. VeRy CoOl. And the fact that you did them horizontally will make the room seem even bigger. Also, I didn’t know that about pulling the tape while the paint is still damp. Makes sense when you think about it.

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