You know winter is bad when you are dreaming of warm sunny trash days.  Today is trash day and my garbage can (which I had to forcefully rip out of a snow bank earlier this week) is sitting behind my car in the driveway because there’s nowhere left to put it out for pick up.

But that’s not the only reason I’m dreaming of taking a long walk around the neighborhood on a warm trash day.  We all know there are goods and bads to going on that walk early in the morning.  The bad = the smell.  The good = the potential finds.

People do throw away the most AMAZING things.  Let’s go back in time to last spring when I really started doing big projects again. (insert going back in time music here)  I went for my usual hike and discovered that someone had thrown these away:

landscaping bricks

Now, most people would say “Red bricks? Beat up? Moss growing on them? HEAVY?!  Leave them be.”  NOT ME.  I finished my walk, went back with my car and had some very nice strong military gentlemen (who just happened to be getting out of their vehicle at this moment of destiny!) put them in my trunk.

landscaping bricks

See, I have what I like to call my “Charlie Brown Tree” in my front yard.  As a “newer” development, most of us have a single token tree in our small patch of grass.  I mulch it but it needed decoration.  So let’s get down to the details:

Step 1:  I washed them and scraped off any moss with a cleaning brush.

Step 2:  Let them dry really well.

Step 3:  Took a can of off white (probably almond) contractor’s grade spray paint that said it adhered to concrete and painted them with two coats.  I did not bother to paint the bottoms as they would be in the ground.  😉

Step 4:  Let them dry again.

Step 5:  Installed them around my tree.  (there were JUST enough.  It really WAS destiny!)

I chose the almond color because it matched my house trim.  I’m pretty happy with how they turned out:

landscaping bricks spray paint makeover

As for longevity, the last time I saw my yard back in December – they were still painted almond.  They did get a little scratched here and there where they rub together.  But that’s an easy fix for a FREE set of landscaping bricks.

Ahhhh the memories of warm days!  I can’t wait until I get to see it and it looks like this again:

landscaping bricks spray paint makeover


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