THANKS FOR YOUR HELP: Master bedroom update

I’ve been meaning to get back you to all on the master bedroom.  But the snow (all snow, all the time) has me out of sorts.  You really gave me excellent feedback on the paint.  THANK YOU!

I wanted to share the things I learned from reading your comments and thinking it through:

1.  YES, I want my bedroom to be peaceful and relaxing.  Therefore, while I LOVE the coral/orangey color – it will NOT be the wall paint unless something crazy happens. (which is always a possibility)  No offense if you picked that, it just means you are braver than me!

2.  Which leads me to – You readers have GOOD TASTE!  Thanks for sharing that you liked the proposed color palette or had used it before.  It means I’m not way off in my own little world of “paint insanity.”

3.  Use sliders to move the furniture.  GREAT POINT. (duh!)  Now, can someone just lift the furniture a tiny bit so I can put the sliders under the feet?  Hmmm, I guess I’ll be lifting and the hubby will be in charge of the sliders.

4.  I KNOW, I should have picked the bedding first.  Special thanks to my interior design friends for throwing that wrench into the works at the last minute.  (Just teasing you guys!) No worries, I have finagled (is that still a word?) a way to make it all work out in the end.  Hang with me.

Speaking of that, what I AM doing these days is hunting for bedding.  I’ve been surfing the blogosphere looking for a little inspiration and guidance.  I’ve discovered that every time I walk into a store, I get completely overwhelmed by the options.  I have tried to look online, but I feel like I need to SEE AND SQUISH the bedding in person.  In the past, I’ve just “winged” it in my usual DIY way.  I am really trying this time to think about it carefully – and hey – maybe that’s my problem!?!

Here are some expert opinions that I loved and wanted to share:

Just decorate did an amazing job with this photo guide to bedding!  It’s really helped me think about what I would like to see when I walk into my bedroom:

This is a great map to bedding, exactly what I needed!

Rhiannon’s Interiors is one of the design blogs that I follow.  She shared some neat ideas (that I never would have thought of) in this article on choosing new bedding.  My favorite? Sewing sheets together to make duvet covers.  Great concept, easy to do (you know I’m not a huge sewer) and very functional for someone like me who is always dealing with cats on the bed.  I wash the duvet cover A LOT.


Lastly, my go-to site (Houzz) had a blog post I found from a few years ago about using pattern.  I really liked this because I want to explore accent colors and patterns this time.

I welcome YOUR advice again too by the way – Quilt? Duvet cover? Blankets?  Combination of everything?  White as the base with patterned pillows?  Leave your insight and comments here!

For more on my master bedroom update, see my first post here:


7 thoughts on “THANKS FOR YOUR HELP: Master bedroom update

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  3. Duvet cover. So much easier to clean if a ‘cat’astrophe happens. Also a duvet cover can be used as a simple bedspread in the summer when you want the look but not allllll the girth of a quilt to move every night.

  4. I’m looking forward to it too 🙂 I’ve finally got my furniture back from our move so have spent the week organising a whole house- (I’ll be blogging once I remember how to string full sentences together properly) perhaps you’ll get some inspiration on what to do – or avoid- from that 😉

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