A “PINNING” COMBO: An Easy Art Tutorial

We DIYers all scour Pinterest constantly…and love it!  For months now I’ve been pinning art projects that I thought were interesting.  When I needed something for above my laundry door, I went back and looked at everything I have pinned on my Inspired to Make Art board.  I couldn’t make a decision between a couple different ideas.  So I just DID THEM ALL.

This art project ended up being a “thrift shop find repurposed, faux pallet, button heart art that could be used for Valentine’s Day.”

Basically five different things in one.  And easy?  YES!  You can work on this in stages and it will be done before you know it!

What you will need:

-an old frame

-craft sticks, I used jumbo size


-Glue, I used regular old school glue, but you can use what you prefer for durability

-Stain or paint – you pick, I used a wipe on cream stain

-Buttons, lots!

-a piece of paper

-spray paint

-a piece of cardboard that fits the frame.  (I actually used the old art from inside.)

Step one:  Paint the old frame.  Here’s the before.  I spray painted it with two colors: off white and white.  But you can do whatever your heart desires!  (Mine did have a cloth inlay which I wanted to keep, so I used painter’s tape to cover it while I spray painted.)

Thrift frame for heart art by Me, Myself & DIY

Step two:  Cut the craft sticks and glue them to the cardboard.  Start at one side and work your way across and then come back the other direction.  This way you get the pallet or hardwood floor look.  Don’t worry about cutting them exact sizes.  Just about the same size will work.  (That’s what makes this so easy!)

Creating faux pallet art by Me, Myself & DIY

Step three:  Let it dry.  You may need to put a book on top to make it really flat.  I left it overnight.

Step four:  Stain or paint the wood.  I just wiped on the stain and let it dry.  Between the glue and the different colors of the sticks, you get that uneven look you are looking for.

Creating faux pallet art by Me, Myself & DIY

Step five:  Cut a heart out of paper the size you want.  Trace it onto the wood.

Creating heart art by Me, Myself & DIY

Step six:  Glue the buttons into the heart.  I worked from the sides in.  Just place them randomly as tight together as you can.

Creating heart art by Me, Myself & DIY

Step seven:  Assemble into the frame.  Because this art is thick, I didn’t use the glass!  Plus it makes it more rustic.  You may need to trim the wood edges if they overlap at all.

What do you think?  I had fun with this one and my whole family is loving the new art over the laundry door.  If you have made something like this – Let me know! You can share the pictures with me on Facebook.

Thrift frame repurposed into button art by Me, Myself & DIY

Creating heart art by Me, Myself & DIY


9 thoughts on “A “PINNING” COMBO: An Easy Art Tutorial

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  2. Very attractive and I like the calm color scheme. You know, done with those small curly shells, this would also be a great project for someone with a beach house.

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