THE PAINT SALE ENDS FRIDAY: The master bedroom project

Well.  Five years in the same house.  Hmmmm, that’s the longest I’ve lived in one building since I was in like 10th grade I think.  (I’m totally serious.)

Anyway, the last room in the house that is unpainted is the master bedroom.  Why is this always the case?  It is probably because no one besides me and the kiddo and the hubster ever see it.  Plus the furniture is really big and heavy.

So I swore if I still was unemployed (and it appears that I am, darn it!) that I would tackle the master bedroom this winter.  Now it’s almost February…

Let’s be honest – I DREAD THIS PROJECT.   I dread moving the furniture (especially since the hubster can’t help thanks to recent back surgery) – I dread painting the giant walls.  At the same time, I CAN’T WAIT for it to be beautiful.

I’m trying to figure out the color palette.  YES, the paint sale DOES end Friday.  I’m scrambling!  (every dime counts right?) Here are the choices as of today:

paint 2

Originally, I was all about blue and grey like my master bath I did last year.  But, I saw the orange and I think I’m going for it as an accent color!

Here are my favorite inspiration photos from Houzz:

I also have this Pinterest Bedroom Design Inspiration Board.

I’d like to tell you I have a plan, but I don’t.  I keep changing my mind.  So – I WANT your feedback.  Please comment!  Here’s the current state so you can get an idea of the furniture.

bedroom 2 final edited

PS: If anyone knows how to move giant furniture by themselves, I’d love a bit of that magic too!


18 thoughts on “THE PAINT SALE ENDS FRIDAY: The master bedroom project

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  4. I like the darkest of the blues best, but if you’re using the coral as an accent, then I’d probably go with the middle blue. Can’t wait to see the final result!

  5. OOOOH I love these ideas 🙂 Personally, (and assuming you’re keeping the furniture you’ve got) I would paint the wall behind the headboard orange/coral and the rest of them grey – then maybe paint a few small canvases in grey and line them above the bed to tie it all together…but thats just me 🙂 I’m sure whichever you go with will be lovely

  6. Now I know why we became friends right away! We have the same taste in decorating, food, and wine, my three favorite things 🙂 My bedroom (at my old house aka your neighborhood) was the same colors. I did the light blue with a hint of gray with black, white, and orange accessories. I still have those orange pillows on my bed in in TX!

  7. I’d do the coral with an eggshell or slightly warmer accent for walls and trim and then do the color accents on the linens and, if you can afford it, area rugs in pale blue. Alternatively, you can go with the deeper blue and a paler salmon. Blue and orange are complementary so they are good colors to play with together as it adds visual and mental energy.

  8. yeah, i like the light blue! and agree with the accent colors and keeping them off walls and on accents 😉 I don’t mind moving the furniture…i just HATE taping…too tedious for me! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Looks like we’re going to be painting buddies this weekend…

  9. I love the two colors together, however, I’m a fan of one color on the wall and the other used as the primary accent in your linens and other decor. I recently talked my mother in law out of a terrible mint green accent wall with her taupe colored room:). You have great space – I would use the blue / orange inspiration photo as your guide; blue on the walls and touches of the orange throughout.

    Regarding the furniture, they have those plastic glider things at HD that allow you to move things “easily” on your own. Just stick them under the feet of your furniture.

    Can’t wait to see the results!

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