For lack of a better word.  They are HOLDERS I guess.  Racks?  Who knows…Anyway, I made them out of cardboard boxes.   I kept the boxes in the garage for a while, protecting them each week from ending up in the trash.  I mean, with all the online ordering we do at Christmas – we might as well use the boxes for SOMETHING right?

I have those awful wire shelves in the pantry that NOTHING stands on.  Something HAD to be done about the cookbooks as part of my pantry challenge!  Here’s what I did:

I picked out two cardboard boxes that fit my shelves and books.  I cut them to the shape of a “holder.”

pantry cookbook rack holder

I reinforced them with packing tape where needed.

reinforce boxes edited final

To cover them, I used material that I had from my big craft inheritance earlier this year.  Now, you can use wrapping paper – contact paper – extra wallpaper.  I’ve seen washi tape (Whatever that is.  Yes I’m a DIYer who has never used Washi tape.) as well as decorative duck tape.  I like the material because I think it is durable.  I basically hot glued it on, wrapping it carefully like a package.

cardboard box cut edited final

I didn’t cover areas that weren’t going to be seen.  (yes, I’m all about cutting corners when possible)  Then I added a decorative ribbon and my label with hot glue as well.

hot glue ribbon final edited

You could do this project for any types of books.  Sweaters in the closet on the shelves maybe? (My husband said NO thank you.  So I guess the rest of the boxes will have to be used for something.)

book holders edited final

I’m just happy to see my pantry progress in the right direction!

repurposed pantry cookbook rack

repurpose pantry cookbook rack holder





6 thoughts on “REPURPOSING CARDBOARD BOXES FROM CHRISTMAS: Pantry Cookbook Holders

  1. Great idea 🙂 Having just moved in -and still awaiting my clutter- I am surrounded by empty cupboards and a few boxes and have been wondering what to do with the space…now I know 🙂

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