My pantry organization challenge continues.  If you remember from the last post, my sister challenged my pantry – publically on Pinterest.  I’m making my way through the project and now the food is in containers.

But, of course, you have to retrain the family on where to find food.  No one knows where everything is except me.  (Even though I have been continually consulting them on placement of items.)  That’s why labels are absolutely necessary!

I made my own in Publisher.  I like a clean look.  Here’s an example:

Food Labels Pantry 2 edited final

Now, you can make your own in Word, Publisher etc.  Often times the dollar bins at Michael’s, JoAnne etc. have cute labels.  Staples and the like carry printable ones.  Or, you can go on Pinterest and search around!  I put together a Pinterest board for everyone, called “Inspired Pantry Labels” that has ideas and some free printable downloads. (Careful, as always, with downloads.  Make sure they are safe before you use them!)

I printed mine out and covered them in contact paper, both sides.  Contact paper is TOUGH.  It took two hands because I don’t have one of the slicker systems.  Here’s the hubby’s trick to get it started:  Fold it over a counter edge, hold it tight and use your finger nail.

contact paper 1 edited

I cut them out.

cutting labels edited final

Then I hole punched and tied them to each container or shelf with green jute twine from the dollar store.  On some of the bins and racks I used an extra piece of contact paper to adhere them.  No….you aren’t getting the big reveal yet – but here’s a few pictures with the new containers:

herbs and spices label edited final

bin 2 label edited final

bin 1 with label edited final

Keep an eye out for the next phase in my pantry challenge!  I can’t wait for the BIG REVEAL. (And to have my dining room table back!)


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