She did it.  My sister called me out on Pinterest.

I mean, not that anyone but me (and the hundred or so people that follow her) saw it. She posted this picture on a Pinterest board (a board that is solely dedicated to me) from My Ideal Home.  (who posted it via BHG)

 Perfect Pantry My Ideal Home

In the comments section it says “I want to open your pantry and see this…haha”

And I know why she’s laughing (haha).  Because she knows that wouldn’t happen.  The truth about me is that I’m VERY organized in general but closets and drawers are my hidden secret dumping grounds.  If you can’t see it, you don’t worry about it!  I mean, don’t we ALL have ENOUGH stress?

I’m not surprised that she pinned this by the way.  This is the same Pinterest board that has quotes like:

“You and I are SISTERS.  Always remember that if you fall – I will pick you up – AS SOON AS I FINISH LAUGHING.”

But in all seriousness, we are all good.  I love her and this is how we roll. And actually – I’ve taken on the challenge and it’s a good one!  Here’s the big BEFORE PICS:

Pantry Before 1 edited

I know – I’m revealing it all.  My neighbors will especially love this post.

Pantry Before 2 edited

Pantry before 3 edited

Here’s the pantry without anything in it.  9 foot ceilings and a little tiny floor.

Before Empty Pantry edited

So far, I’ve painted it.  I chose to use the same color as my kitchen – “Soft Denim” by Behr.

It was tough.  And probably the worst paint job I’ve ever done!  Honestly, the cut-ins are terrible.  It was so dark up there no matter what I did.  I actually had a flashlight in one hand and the paint brush in the other.  I also had to wear a mask because of the fumes.   Otherwise I would have been half high and burning brain cells or something.  Tight space, high up – lots of fumes.  I highly recommend if you do any kind of painting to get a mask.  It makes a huge difference and it is probably better for your health.

Painted 1 edited

I covered the floor in plastic.  But there are still drips on the baseboard.  Some I was able to get out with a little sanding.  Mostly, I’m not concerned because there’s very little you’ll be able to see in the end.  I’m just glad the walls are finally clean!

Painted with shelves edited

My overall plan is to share with you the variety of little projects that will go into this pantry makeover.  Eventually, I’ll have a big reveal as well. My family hopes sooner rather than later because even though everything is all over the dining room table, we keep going to the pantry door to get stuff out.  😉

FB food

Then my sister can come over and open my pantry.   I’m really hoping it will be something she can pin on Pinterest with a big “SHE DID IT!”

PS:  I welcome other people’s tips on better ways to get this nasty paint job done.  If you have ideas, please leave them in the comments for me.  As a DIYer, I always love learning new things!


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