Welp.  It’s really WINTER.  Barren with the potential of being slightly boring.  I mean, don’t you just hate it after you take down all the Christmas decorations and the inside of your house just looks empty?  And the outside of the house looks even worse.  No lights, no cheer and if there’s no snow – just yuck!

I wanted to come up with something I could use all winter – including through Valentine’s Day.  I’m not a big Valentine’s decorator anyway.  The idea of having transitional décor made me feel less stressed.

As you all know, I love my vintage sled.  And who says sleds are just for Christmas anyway??  I decided I would bring it back out and make a new sign to hang on it.  I found these wood letters at the craft store:

snow sign valentine's day

I decided on the word SNOW but the basic concept is: Pick a word with an “O” in it.  Then there’s a place to stick a heart.  An example being that I originally thought about the word HOME but you know, snow just went with the sled better.  Plus, since you can hang your sign anywhere, do whatever works for you.

I used pieces of quilt batting (like Poly-fil) to cover the letters.  Mine was fluffy and about a ½ inch.  Sorry that I can’t tell you the specifics because it is leftover from who knows what project.   I power stapled it onto the letters and used some hot glue on the tight spots.

covering letter

Now, my plan was to cover the letters with outdoor fabric.  However, the kiddo loved the batting as it was – she said it looked better for the word SNOW.  So you can do either.  Leave them as is, or cover them.  Covering them might be a little bit more work because getting around the letters can be a bit “squeezy” – so take your time and cut the material carefully.

I did cover the heart in batting and then I topped it with red burlap.

covering heart burlap

I attached the letters together with a medium ribbon.  I power stapled the ribbon on to the backs of the letters with 3 staples.  This meant they “swung around” a lot less.  (more stable basically)

attach ribbon final edited

Finally, I stapled a loop to the top for hanging purposes.

make loop final edited

The snow sign ended up being pretty cute.  This is something you could hang anywhere and keep up all winter.  You could use smaller letters and hang on a door handle.  You could try bigger letters and put them on your mantel without attaching them together.

snow sign decoration winter Valentine's Day Sled

I plan to put the sled with the sign on my covered porch.  Burlap seems to do ok outside.  Batting?  I’m not so sure yet.  It will be an experiment. (as all DIY can be!)  As a protection, I did spray a clear coat on everything just to keep the “fuzziness” from getting out of hand.

snow sign sled valentine's day decoration winter snow sign sled valentine's day winter decoration

Stay warm!



2 thoughts on “DECORATING FOR WINTER: A sign of snow

  1. WOW. How cool [hah, snow?/cool?—groan]. The best part is that it looks great and you haven’t altered your sled [or whatever one chooses] permanently.

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