Since I’m new to this blogging thing, I don’t have much to offer in the way of a year end “wrap up.”  What I DO have is plenty of lessons learned.

Here are my top five DIY lessons I learned this fall while starting this blog:

Lesson #1:  Wall clings should not be used outside, even on a covered and well painted surface.  (Luckily, I did not recommend this to anyone.)  I used spider web clings under my front door this year.  Everyone who saw them, loved them.  BIG MISTAKE.  Here’s what happened and I’m glad I’m good at painting because I fixed it almost immediately!!

paint chipping edited final

Lesson #2: Magnet tape STINKS.  I’ve known it for years and this Christmas confirmed it.  The adhesive that they put on it doesn’t work and if you use another type of glue, it doesn’t stay well either.  The fridge magnet puzzle barely made it through the holiday because of this.  Boooo….

fridge 1 final edited

Lesson #3:  Scope out your project cost and items well in advance.  The stores in one area do NOT carry the same products as in other areas.  You might see a cool project on Pinterest or another blog but that doesn’t mean you can execute it.  (Or that it won’t cost you MORE to execute it.)    Example – this great wreath I did last year.  Well, EVERYONE who saw the article about how to make this wreath wanted to make it.  What this meant was – NO WOODEN BALLS AVAILABLE ANYWHERE.  I got halfway through the project and it almost became an epic failure.  I punted, used something else to finish it and it worked out ok.  But seriously, what was I thinking???

ball wreath final edited

Lesson #4:  Sometimes you just don’t feel like making anything else or you don’t know WHAT to make.  My worst day was right at the beginning of blogging.  I had just done the pumpkin ghosts and had a surge in readers.  I was so excited!  At the same time, I was freaking out because I didn’t have another project lined up.  That’s how I ended up going to the thrift shop for inspiration and making my soda crate table.  It wasn’t my most popular post – but I still absolutely love it and am glad I worked through my creative block.

final table 3

Lesson #5:  Simple is best.  Of the 30 some posts I did the past 4 months, the most popular pin I had on Pinterest was this one.  I’m taking this lesson into the New Year and will continue to try and share things EVERYONE can do.  Things that inspire you to take your own direction and change for your purposes.

porch pillow final edited 1

Followers, readers, fellow DIYers and friends – thanks for supporting me as I kicked this thing off.  I can’t say that enough.  If you like or comment on a blog post…share on FB…or pin on Pinterest – every little “cyber-click” means the world to me.

I PROMISE to continue to learn, share and work on “what’s next” in my life…And I hope you will continue to comment, give feedback and ideas.  I can’t do it without ya’ll!

Happy New Year!



5 thoughts on “MY DIY LESSONS LEARNED: 2013

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  2. Great advice! Lesson 3 has happened to me way too many times! I always end up improvising!

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