A TOY BENCH: For a Donkey

The littlest one is back on the blog with me today!  She wanted to make a gift for her cousin for Christmas and decided to create a seat for his best and closest confidant – DONKEY.

Donkey has been around since the beginning.  My nephew has taken Donkey everywhere and included him in everything.  He’s a family icon.  He is a stuffed animal that is stuffed almost entirely with love.

We started by scouring the thrift shops for something to use as the basis for Donkey’s throne.  We had no luck.  (We found lots of wicker doll chairs, but Donkey just isn’t a wicker dude.)

Michael’s had a small wooden chest.  It seemed more boyish and provided us with an opportunity to put something unique together.

As I have mentioned before, orange is the signature color of my sister’s family so we went with that. First, the littlest one painted the chest.

paint toy bench

Then we added batting that I had left over from a myriad of other projects.  We stuffed both sides.

batting toy bench

Using material and a power stapler, I upholstered the two sides.staple upholstery toy bench

Then we added ribbon using hot glue to cover the staples.

toy bench

After the upholstery was complete, we power stapled rope to both sides so that the trunk would stay open like a chair.  We knotted the rope and added a little ribbon for decorative accents using hot glue.toy bench rope

Finally, we put Donkey’s name on the front with chip letters.toy bench

A seat worthy of a king – or a very special Donkey – we were SO HAPPY with the results!  bench toy

You could use this same idea for any little friend.  I also began to wonder about a full scale version for a kid’s room. (Pirate chest bench anyone?!)

Needless to say – both Donkey and his owner were thrilled on Christmas Day.  Can you see Donkey’s smile?toy bench donkey

(PS:  And the littlest one and I had so much fun making it happen!)


4 thoughts on “A TOY BENCH: For a Donkey

  1. You know when I saw this on Facebook I too thought that this might be a fun project in large size. Take a young child’s toy box no longer needed and with new paint etc you have a neat seat. Probably have to use and inside box to support a foam square, but still.

    Good work. I could see that Donkey was quite pleased!

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