It’s TRUE – I use STICKY BOWS at Christmas!

Here’s the proof:

my bows

I can’t help it this time of year.  I decorate my heart out.  Shop till I drop.  AND I JUST CAN’T GET EXCITED ABOUT WRAPPING.

Oh, there were years I tried…and tried.  Honestly, on a birthday or any other time of year – I can go for the gusto.  But that’s just ONE gift.  At Christmas – I just want to get it ALL done.

So I had to go to some other sources to find you some unique ideas!  This actually gave me a chance to roam around the blogosphere and visit.  Bloggers of all types and genres had wonderful…beautiful…and creative wrapping ideas.  Here’s a few of my favs with links for you to go check them out:

DomestiKatedLife really did a beautiful job with these.  She’s the one that inspired me to put together this post!


more coffee, dear shared how to make adorable pom poms to create festive packages:

Pom Poms more coffee dear

To and Fromage actually MADE her own wrapping paper! Are you kidding me?!  She gets major kudos and it turned out very pretty!

toandfromage wrapping paper

rhiannon’s INTERIORS  shared a blog post written by L’Essenziale Home Designs about making decorative envelopes.  What a lovely idea for gift cards, books or other flat items:

diy-gift-envelope-for-holidays rhiannons

And lastly, for all you magazine junkies – Pintertesting tested and proved success with making bows out of magazines.  Excellent repurposing and recycling, which you all know is right up my alley!

wrapping pinteresting

Whatever you do to wrap your gifts this Christmas – have fun and enjoy it!  (You can think of me peeling and sticking bows.)


5 thoughts on “MY DIY CHRISTMAS CONFESSION: Holiday Gift Wrapping

  1. A lot of people bow out of bows. Some would rather be sitting on the bow of a boat. Others with bowed legs would rather be riding. Before this gets to ‘bow-ring’ I want to say your packages are always fun and excited… so take a bow.

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