ABOUT SNOW DAYS: Finishing the Color Palette Project

I have never enjoyed snow days so much in my life.

I say that because as an adult snow days have never been my thing.  I moved to Atlanta after college and was so happy that nothing was ever cancelled due to snow.  I considered snow an inconvenience – something that always ruined something else I wanted to be doing.

Now, one of the benefits of being unemployed is that I literally have NO WHERE TO GO.  Snow gives me an excuse to feel good about my day.  I get to spend it with my kid and probably in my pjs – with NO GUILT!

Plus, it’s the holidays and that makes it 100 times better.  The fireplace, music, decorations – the works! (If you are anything like me, you are torturing your family with Hallmark movies.)

In all the red and green insanity, we are given the ability to say, “I can deal with <insert daily life stuff here> next year.”  Staying home never felt better!

Come January that mental free pass on life is gone.  That’s why I am still plugging away.  Each day I continue my search for “What Next?”  But, when life gets tough in the new year – I’ll still have the memories of all these wonderful snow days.

Let’s get back to the DIY:

Snow isn’t great for spray painting of course – but I did manage to get the final phase of my kitchen color palette project done – the silver and white table decor.   I really don’t feel like this project translated very well in writing.  It’s all a part of being a newbie blogger I think.  So, I’m going to give it a shot in photos this time.  I really hope I helped inspire you to make those changes you want to make in your décor, knowing it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Centerpiece Before Edited

Centerpiece after edited

centerpiece 1 edited



cookie cutters edited chair step 1 edited chair step 2 edited chair step 3 editedcookie cutter with bow napkin edited

cookie cutter 2 edited cookie cutter chair 1 edited


2 thoughts on “ABOUT SNOW DAYS: Finishing the Color Palette Project

  1. Your instructions are always so nice and clear. Not sure how you do that writing over with the arrows but it is helpful. LIke the use of napkins and cookie cutters [normally kept out of sight but neat together]. Nice use of the tiered table also.

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