If you were following along earlier this week, you know I gave myself a decorating challenge this Christmas – To makeover my kitchen’s Christmas “look” by changing the color palette to white and silver.  The rules were simple:  Keep a low budget and reuse as much as possible.

Today I’m excited to reveal the tree.  It is a small pre light tree that I started putting in my kitchen last year.  Here’s what décor I found roaming around at the bottom of my storage boxes:

Starting items 2 edited final

First, I used spray snow to “flock” the pine cones that were on the tree.  You can’t go wrong with a bottle of spray snow from the dollar store!  (Well you can…but I mopped the floor up really quick!)

Then, I spray painted the star garland silver.  That turned out GREAT.

snow and garland edited final

I also tried to spray paint the bead garland white.  That turned out AWFUL.  Into the trash it went.   I suggest when spray painting ornaments or garland, you do a small test first.  In this case, it didn’t dry properly and was TOO MUCH WORK for something I could probably get at the dollar store for a buck. (True that.)

Speaking of paint, I spray painted these ornaments as well.

Spray painted ornaments edited final

After the silver spray paint, I removed the rubber bands and tied to the tree with white ribbon.

painted ornament final edited

For the tree stand, I went rummaging around in the box I told you about in a prior post (the “knick knacks I’m not currently using” box) and found a silver wine bucket.  Yes, a WEDDING GIFT!  Score!  I polished it up and used it as the base of the tree.

You can USE ANYTHING for the base of a faux tree.  I’ve seen baskets and buckets and everything in between.   Anyway, speaking of using anything – I wanted some type of tree skirt.  To keep the budget low, I went through my scarves.   I ended up wrapping a summer white and silver scarf  around the base.  (Thank you to whoever gave it to me!)

ice bucket edited final

In the end, I think it turned out to be a great addition to my kitchen.

final tree 1 edited

Here’s the project breakdown:

Budget:  ~$6 worth of spray paint, 2 rolls of ribbon for $3 and one can of spray snow for $1  Total spent = $10

Lessons Learned:  Spray painting beaded garland is a waste of time and paint.  Also, if you are looking for simple ornaments – dollar store might be better than spray painting them too.

final tree 2 edited

“I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.” – Linus, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”



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  1. this is such a cute tree! i have been meaning to try spray painting ornaments but i am the messiest person alive so i know that paint will be everywhere!

  2. Nice job. I was especially impressed with the way the Christmas ball-ornaments turned out. I’d have thought they wouldn’t end up so evenly covered. Very cool.

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