After a fun conversation on Facebook about changing the color palette of holiday décor, I decided to give myself a challenge while decorating my kitchen this year:

Change the color palette to white and silver without breaking the bank.

It’s definitely a (financial) challenge, as some of you told me when I asked the original question.    But I think I’ve pulled it off!  For each reveal, I’ll share the budget, any tips and lessons learned.  I hope you will follow along!

The first reveal from this project is my shelf vignette.  My mother painted this shelf as part of a “set” – the other piece being my daughter’s desk underneath.  Usually, I keep my pottery or other kitchen items displayed on them.  As part of this challenge, I packed up everything and started with a clean slate.

Shelf before edited

This vignette is primarily a result of pulling things from other parts of the house:  Greenery that was no longer needed on the front porch, leftover pine cones from a wreath I made.  Remember, the idea was to make the change without it being overwhelming or costly.

I got out my trifle dish and filled it with the pine cones as well as some leftover ornaments from my basement.  I moved my adorable snow bunny from the top of the fridge onto the shelf.

Bunny and dish editedjpg

Yes, there’s even the candleholder you may have seen before in my Thanksgiving décor.

TIP:  Glass dishes are great – you can use them anywhere.  I could have also used a glass bowl or candle dish!

The Noel plate is for holiday entertaining.  I can still pull it down to use if I need it, but for now it adds text to the vignette.

Plate edited

TIP:  Including text is great when decorating – it changes things up!  Maybe you’ve seen all the cool Christmas signs on Pinterest.  My friend made one for her mantel this year and it rocks!  In this case, I didn’t have to do a thing!

My favorite item on the shelf is a little framed ornament.  (I know – I’m back on frames. Sorry!)  But in all seriousness, frames are SO easy to work with.   This one just had a plastic cover instead of glass.

Frame before edited

I covered the plastic in the center with lace.

lace on plastic edited

That set it up so that I could hang this little ornament in there.  I found this little tree at the dollar store for 50 cents – it was brass but I spray painted it silver.  I hung it right on the lace and added a bow.

Frame final edited

TIP:  This is something you could do with ANY frame ANY time of year!  Frame your favorite birthday card.  Use it to hang your earrings next to your bed at night.  The possibilities are endless!

By the time I was done dragging things out of corners of my house and arranging, I ended up with an arrangement that matched my chosen color palette.

Shelf final edited

Here’s the project breakdown:

Budget:  a spritz of spray paint, let’s say $1, a thrift shop ornament at 50 cents and everything else was repurposed from other places.

Total Spent = $1.50

Lessons Learned:  Finding a rectangular plate stand is hard.  (I propped it up with a heavy penguin!)

PS:  I know – you are going to say “Dana, I don’t have all these things lying around my house.”  But I think the point of this one is – Rearranging works!  Just take a look through your everyday stuff and see how you could place it differently.  I think you’ll be surprised what you can come up with!

trees edited

Watch for the next reveal later this week when I share the kitchen tree!



  1. I knew it would be a handy little shelf the minute I saw it but what really makes it is that you always have it featuring cool stuff. By the way, the frame-earring thing does work well. When I was at the store I made earring holders by putting screen in the frames, but really the lace is prettier.

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