I have a box in my storage area marked “Knick Knacks Not Being Used” (Seriously? Yes!)  This is my GO TO box.  It is filled with things that people have given me or that I have purchased over the years that don’t fit into my current décor.  When times like Christmas come around, I find myself digging around in there.  I am always amazed by what I have stashed away.  It has saved me some cash on multiple occasions!

Of course, it helps that reusing and repurposing is one of the things I ABSOLUTELY enjoy most about Doing-It-Myself.  Yes, I love projects.  I love power staplers and screwdrivers and LOTS of spray paint.  But sometimes, I just like looking at a pile of things and thinking “What else can I do with these?

So today I’m giving you a quick tour of our Christmas decorations that are based on items I’ve been collecting over the years:

Glass Ball Mantel

Glass Balls Final 2 edited

These “witching balls,” as they are often called, were an obsession of mine for quite some time.  I received several as a 30th birthday gift from my closest friends.  But it has taken me years and years to figure out just the right way to display them.  Last year I started incorporating them into my Christmas mantel.  When they are lit up, they make my family room that much more spectacular.

Glass balls final edited


Wedding Favors

Star ornament final edited

Hubby and I gave away these beautiful Moravian paper star ornaments at our wedding.  Surprise!  There were several left.  Every year since then I set up a small tree (I think this one is actually our first tree!) next to the fireplace with these white stars on it.  It’s like having a wedding tree every year!  (Awwww, how romantic…)

Star tree final edited 2

Soft Ornaments

Heart ornament final edited

I received these ornaments that were made by my husband’s grandmother.  Honestly, they are not my taste.  Let me clarify so no one gets their feelings hurt:  They are absolutely adorable but I would not purchase them for my house at first glance.  However – when we got the LONG staircase – I realized they could be put to good use.  What a beautiful way to share my husband’s childhood ornaments with our kiddo now!  It seriously changed my whole perspective once I put them up.

ornaments final edited

Crystal Candlesticks

Candlesticks final edited

These were one of my absolute favorite wedding gifts.  Why?  Because they made me feel like a grown up!  I mean, I’m not gonna buy myself crystal candlesticks.   And I can assure you at the age of 26, they were NOT on my gift registry but WOW, I was THRILLED with these.  I use them every year without fail.  (Side note:  I mix them with a vintage snowman and it works out great!)

Snowman and candlesticks final edited

I invite you to have your own “knick knacks not being used” box.   Not a whole storage area (my hubby might go into orbit) – just a box.  Save those things that are of decent quality – maybe they don’t fit in now – but they might later.   Money saved and a gift kept.  Just think – wouldn’t your Great Aunt Loo-Loo (?)  want you to use that vase she gave you at your wedding – even though you’ve spray painted it a different color?  (ok, maybe or maybe not?!)

Happy Reusing and Repurposing!



  1. It is fun, isn’t it, to have ‘old friends’ come out of a box? Extra fun to position them in a different way so that they catch your eye. Neat. Thanks.

  2. Dana,
    So clever. I have a bunch of things I don’t use. You are welcome to have them if you are interested. You do a great job. I think you found your niche. Love waiting to see what you will come up with next. Jan

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