Ahhh sledding!! 

It reminds me of being a kid – when Christmas was so easy.  I just loved every minute.  I had no worries about budgets, decorating or anything.  It was the ultimate time for memories and magic.

These days, I get done with Thanksgiving and think “OMG, I ate too much, I feel like a barrel and I haven’t started decorating or shopping or….ARGGHHH!”  Also, I refuse to put up Christmas decor before Thanksgiving.  (No offense, it’s a personal belief.)  So basically, I get completely overwhelmed the Sunday after the big feast and I LOSE IT.

This year it is especially hard.  I’m figuring out blogging.  The depths of my soul are dying to be successful at SOMETHING since I haven’t been able to find a new job in over a year.  I have more time so my house should look better than ever!  SHOULDN’T IT??  Pressure and rejection are fighting with the happy parts of my brain.

I try to decorate with music on and feel perky and excited, but I just can’t get there.  I’m the Grinch incarnate.  Then the bomb drops.   My kiddo looks at me and says (with tears in her eyes) “That’s just sad Mommy, Christmas is supposed to be fun.”

There I stand, with my brain feeling like a synapse is broken and on the verge of my own tears.   And I know in my heart – she’s right of course.  It doesn’t matter if everything looks perfect.  It SHOULDN’T matter, I mean.  I need to stop…take a deep breath…and find a way to make a change.

This morning I made a decision – I’m going to act like I’m sledding.  We all know about sledding: It’s a tough climb to the top of the hill and it can be scary up there.  But it’s exhilarating when you are coming down.  It’s worth every minute!

It’s definitely time to sled.  Today I’ve decided to kick off my new attitude by sharing these vintage sled beauties I’m using to decorate this year.

I found this one about four years ago at a shop that was (sadly) closing.  I think I got it for like $10.  It wasn’t in perfect shape – the rails were rusty and a few screws were missing.  But that certainly did not stop me.   I spray painted the rails to get them clean again and did a little reattaching here and there.  Now it is permanently a part of my porch decorations for Christmas.

Big Sled Final edited

Some people like to hang ice skates on their sled.  I tend to layer a bunch of things – see the vintage toolbox I made over?  So I use greenery and a little ornament from a craft store that I painted. (matches my door décor)

Big Sled Lit Up Final edited

On a personal note, I was so happy last week when I helped a friend score one of these at a local thrift shop for $15.  She went home thrilled!   (I need to do a drive by on her house…lol!)

This summer a family member moved and cleaned out her house.  Lucky me, I acquired this little beauty.  It is on my porch as well.  I am contemplating what I am going to do to it long term.  Right now, I’m partial to leaving it the way it is.

Toddler Sled 1 edited

Toddler Sled Lit Up Final edited

As a bonus, I also inherited a ton of Christmas decorations from my husband’s family years ago.  This adorable little sled is probably from a drug store or something.  But hey, it is so darn cute!

Little Sled edited

I’m going to take a look at these sleds whenever things get tough this year.  I vow to find ways to be more like a kid this Christmas.  It won’t always work – the climb to the top of the sledding hill can be tough (usually dragging a sled twice your size!) – but in the end – it’s worth every minute when I see my kiddo smile.  It’s time for memories and magic and I can’t afford to lose those no matter what.


10 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS DECORATING PART ONE: Going sledding

  1. What a great set of sleds you have… and have used to good advantage! I also think your story holds true for many people. Well said.

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