MY DIY HAIKU: the dpchallenge

Ok – so one of the cool things I’ve enjoyed about blogging is checking out what other people are up to.  Word Press makes that fun by running weekly challenges for its bloggers.

This post is a response to their writing challenge this week:

Write haiku poems. (or prose) Why not?!  I LOVE HAIKU.  A DIY Haiku (or a few) never hurt anyone!

I promise to stop writing poems after this Thanksgiving week (yes, there’s one more tomorrow) and get back to the things I’m actually good at.  Here are my DIY Haikus:

this basket was thrift

it needed a facelift bad

I gave it some stripes

Basket After


I found this table

lost in the clearance section

it was a great shape



an ikea hack

pretty birdies made it nice

my cat sleeps on itIkea Bench


love my followers

they tolerated this post

thank you very much



7 thoughts on “MY DIY HAIKU: the dpchallenge

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