THE SIMPLE THINGS: Introducing “the littlest one”

When your kid comes home with an art project that you love – it just absolutely is one of those moments you can never forget.

My kiddo LOVES art.  Absolutely adores it.  So, from time to time (when projects are this awesome), I will share with you what the littlest one is up to.  I even gave her an (edited) logo!

Final edited tray copy

I love what her art teacher had them do and she double glazed it so we could serve food on it.  But I just think it is too pretty for that.  It immediately got a place of honor on the side table in our formal dining room!

I’m probably Mommy-biased – but I had to share!!  🙂  What are your favorite projects that your kids have brought home over the years?


4 thoughts on “THE SIMPLE THINGS: Introducing “the littlest one”

  1. It this based on what I think it is—a styro meat tray? Very good looking. Painted or decoupaged? Sorry. I get interested and want details.

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