ON MY FRIDGE: The Puzzle

Before I had a kid, I said “The front of the fridge is NOT going to become a dumping ground for magnets and stuff.”  It was just one of my weird cleanliness/organizational things.  But I soon learned that fighting the “fridge collection” is futile.  Ultimately, stuff just ends up on the fridge.  It ends up there because we want to look at it every day – like photos – it ends up there because we need it for something and don’t want to lose it – like school forms or study guides – it ends up there…usually…because it has nowhere else to be.  Sometimes, I try to be sneaky and stick stuff around the side of the fridge instead of on the front, but that doesn’t work either.

Basically, I’ve given up on this issue.  So when I saw Christmas decorations for refrigerators show up on Pinterest, I thought, “Might as well try something!”  The result was this:

The Refrigerator Puzzle

I had a box.   I had tons of spray paint.  And I had a role of magnet tape left from a project that I had decided not to do.

Box Final Edited

I started by measuring and cutting a piece of the box that fit the front top section of my fridge.

Cutting box final edited

Then I cut a tree and star out of the center.

cut tree out final edited

Then I began spray painting the parts.  Yes, the tree is chalkboard paint.  No, I have no idea how long that will hold up for but it is worth a shot!  (Yes, it is black.  I know you can buy green chalkboard paint.  No cash spent = no big loss if it doesn’t work out.)

Chalkboard paint tree final edited

I gave the snow up to the sky a white to blue ombre look to blend in with the fridge.

Spraypaint ombre final edited

Once it dried, I cut it up into pieces.

cut up puzzle pieces final edited

Then I attached a piece of magnet to the back.  Magnet tape doesn’t stick very well by the way.  Hot glue is a good idea.  Make sure you have enough magnet tape to hold each piece up on the fridge.  I tested mine as I did it.  (Magnet tape can be finicky)

attach magnets final edited

Before I knew it, I was putting the puzzle together and giving it a test run.

 tree being put together final edited

Once all the pieces were together – I thought it looked pretty good!

Tree on fridge edited final 2

And the chalkboard worked too!  (again, I don’t know how long it will last – I’m always honest you know!)

fridge 1 final edited

Can’t wait for the kiddo to try it out!  I know it will last only one holiday season (between food, getting knocked off now and then, etc) – but hey –  this didn’t cost me hardly anything, so WHY NOT?!

What kinds of things do YOU keep on YOUR refrigerator?

UPDATE:  12/5/13 – Honesty is the BEST policy when it comes to DIY so – Hot glue did not hold the magnet tape on very well.  Some pieces yes, some pieces no.  I am now trying out Liquid Nails or Guerilla Glue instead.


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