There are many people I know who enjoy embroidery.   Or they quilt.  I am NOT one of them.  I respect and value their craft but it takes a patience I do NOT have and a love of sewing I have NEVER had.

Therefore, embroidery hoops are something I would normally completely overlook.  However, when I saw these at the thrift shop, I couldn’t help but think “What would I do with them?”

Embroidery Hoops final edited

Like a frame, the possibilities are endless.  And these were DARN CHEAP!  At $1 – $1.50 each, I scored some serious Christmas décor potential!  (LET THE CHRISTMAS INSANITY BEGIN!)

I needed to rethink my front door for Christmas anyway.  (Again, dark green pine on dark green paint just doesn’t work.)  It turns out that the biggest embroidery hoop inspired me to create something new.  No sewing required!

First, I spray painted the hoop cream to match my door numbers.  (I have decided to go with a cream on red palette for my front porch this year.)

Hoop spray paint final edited

Then I stretched a piece of red burlap onto the hoop.  Using a paper stencil, I monogrammed the burlap with acrylic craft paint.  I’m not gonna lie:  Cream on red was tough.  Several layers of the cream paint were required.   (Even though my kiddo said “Pink is still a Christmas color” – Mommy didn’t agree.)  If you try this project, consider your paint carefully!

Stencil Paint Final edited

Finally, I found some felt snowflakes on clearance at a local craft store for a couple bucks.  (I know right?? Snowflakes on clearance already??)  I cut them in half and hot glued them to create the border around the hoop.

felt snowflake final edited

I also hot glued the burlap around the back to give it a clean edge.

Hot glue backside final edited

Add the perfect bow to the top and for about $15 – I have a beautiful alternative to my annual Christmas wreath!

Hoop Final edited

Note:  I’m hoping to put together some bow making examples for you soon.  They are a holiday MUST.

Hoop with number sign final edited

I still have the other hoops so you may see another project using those soon.  In the meanwhile, I encourage you to find holiday inspiration in things you may never have looked at before.

I’m glad I did!!



  1. Since I too have many an embroidery hoop, the mind goes, “hmmmm…”

    Your front door deco turned out great. I can’t wait to see it in person.

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