It’s that time of year.  People come from far and wide to stay at “Chez You.”   My guest room was one of the first places I fixed up when we moved in here 5 years ago.  That’s because part of the family still lived in the ATL and when they came to visit…they stayed.  Even now, we have relatives for Christmas.  Honestly, we love it!

The other day (when I was working on that whole “move the plants inside without the cats eating them project”) I found myself tearing apart the guest room.  The next thing I knew, I had stuff all over the house and several projects sitting in the garage.   Apparently, I had decided the guest room needed some refreshing before the next set of visitors. (As I mumbled to myself and moved things from room to room my daughter said – “But I liked that there!”)

Let me clarify that I had NO intention of painting or making color scheme changes.  The holidays are no time for unnecessary stuff.  And there’s certainly no extra money lying around either.

Instead, I focused on what I COULD change with no time and zero budget.  You’ve already seen the awesome desk turned plant stand.  But I wanted to share some of the small things I did as well.

I took this table out and gave it a brush up.  It’s an old dressing table of my grandmother’s that I’ve already redone once at a former house.  The skirt had gotten dirty in the multiple moves.

Table before edited

After a couple coats of paint and a freshly papered drawer, it ended up all clean and pretty – and in a new place in the room with the TV on it.

Table with drawer edited

I also moved around a bunch of art.  I like the star hanging over the TV.  The kiddo doesn’t.  You can vote!

Table with TV and star edited

Also, I FINALLY made this lampshade something other than white.  I’ve had this little IKEA lamp forever and I love it.  But the shade has been on my to-do list for far too long.

lamp before edited

I decided to add a little flair.  Guess what I found for a buck at the local dollar store???  YES, RED FELT COASTERS!  (It seems to be my coaster month.)  How cute are these??

Coasters edited

They were perfect!  I cut some apart to make separate flowers and gave some pieces a little bit of spray paint to match the headboard.

Coasters with spray paint edited

Then I hot glued them onto the lampshade in layers.  Now I have adorable flowers on my shade in two tones of red.  I think it was a great enhancement!  (And you can’t beat that for a buck!)

Lamp Final edited

What types of things do you do to refresh your house when you don’t have a budget or the time?  I’d love to hear your ideas so comment here or catch me on Facebook!

Bed with lampedited


3 thoughts on “HOLIDAYS + NO BUDGET = (must do) THE GUEST ROOM


  2. Gramma would be proud to see her little dressing table living on—especially with that cool drawer lining. [did you ever have the little chair or did life in the barn with the mice do it in?] Nice new use.

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