My sister gave me these coasters a while back.  They are darn cute and I couldn’t bring myself to use them as coasters.  Not just because I didn’t want to ruin them but also because we have a LOT of coasters.  (We have a family member who has made quilted coasters of every kind.  They are great – we just have a LOT of coasters.)


Anyway, I REALLY liked these but didn’t know WHAT to use them for.  I have saved them for quite a long time! (I’m sure my sister will be sincerely surprised when she sees this post!)  I recently found them a drawer and was reminded that I loved the messages on them:

“Be Safe”   ”Be Warm”   ”Be Strong”   ”Be Happy”   “Be Kind”  “Be Fair”

They feel like the perfect messages I need to see throughout the day.

The other part of this story is that I painted my interior garage door what I like to call “GOLF GREEN” this summer.  I did it for fun and have a golf doormat as well.  My hubby loves golf and I thought – “Why not?”  I also put chalkboard paint on the door so that we could leave fun messages for each other.  It is really cute and brightens my day when I come home.  But I felt it was missing something…

Garage Door

You know me; I can’t do wreaths every time.   I had the idea to make a plaque with the coasters to hang on the door.  Something lightweight and easy.

I started with a piece of balsa-type wood that I found at a hardware store and I cut it to size with a small hand saw (hack saw?).  I sanded the edges and then painted it with the paint I used for my wood step in the garage.


After it dried, I added braces in each corner.  I really do enjoy the brace (bracket) look and they are so cheap. (a couple bucks a pack)  I used this kind:


I lined up the brackets and coasters (pencil marked them).  Then I hot glued them to the wood like this:

hot glue

(Note: The hot glue seems to be holding great, but I’ll use a super glue as a back up if it doesn’t hold long term.)

For the finishing touch, I added a ribbon at the top – with hot glue of course – and I had my plaque!

Coaster Art Final

Every day I wake up and look for my next big thing.  That’s such a HUGE part of this blog – making each day count for something, finding myself in each project…deciding WHAT I AM GOING TO BE NEXT.

Coaster Art on Door 2

This plaque reminds me of the basics.  It may be hard to find the right job…it may be hard to learn new things…but every day doesn’t have to be as difficult my head likes to make it.  It’s the simple things that count and as long as I keep trying – I will BE SOMETHING.

Single coaster



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