Halloween can be odd where we live.  By now, many towns have already trick or treated. (They tend to schedule it for a different night.  My husband thinks this is majorly weird having not grown up around here.) The parades are over and the parties were mostly held this past weekend.

Before we know it, we DIY fans will be whipped off into Thanksgiving land, if we aren’t already there.  The craft stores are pushing us towards Christmas of course. (A little Valentine’s Day decorating anyone??)

But I am going to always be behind I think.  I TRY to take each holiday as it comes.  Our area chooses to trick or treat on the actual holiday so we’ll be doing it then.   Halloween isn’t over for us just yet.

But when it comes to blogging, sometimes the cart has to be before the horse.  So before my kiddo even wears her costume, I’m going to share the highlights of some Halloween projects in our house.

Warning:  This isn’t like ROCK STAR DIY STUFF.  This is the real little details of the holiday; things that didn’t have to be perfect but turned out to be perfectly fun.

First of all, major kudos to Love to be in the Kitchen for the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Truffle recipe.  These were a HUGE hit in my house and at the Halloween party I went to this weekend.  Instead of using all sprinkles, I did some with candy eyes.   They were cute!  And illegally yummy.


Then there was the pumpkin for the decorating contest.  I enjoyed making this “Winking Medusa”, but it didn’t turn out as beauteous as I had hoped.  Such is life.  Yes, it is a “funkin” – and the mouth is carved and covered in…you guessed it…landscape fabric so the light could shine through.  I personally love the weird tubing stuff I found to make my snake “hair.”  Um, yes, they do have tiny googly eyes.  It’s all in the details people!

My pumpkin

I have to say, I think my absolute FAVORITE part of Halloween (so far) was also the SCARIEST part of Halloween (so far) – seeing my kiddo carve her own pumpkin face for the first time.

I mean, who wants to give their kid a knife??

child carving pumpkin

But – she did a great job and we didn’t have to go to the emergency room.  So I consider that a huge success and I’m definitely a proud momma!

child's pumpkin

I hope everyone enjoys whatever remaining pieces of Halloween they have left.  Oh and – here’s a bonus pic for you – me as a genie.  I threw it together out of the closet, Target and a Halloween store.  No sewing, no major hassle – or cost.  And I managed to get the false eyelashes on the first time – another huge success in my book – since when I put them on the Medusa pumpkin, it took a WHILE.

Genie Final


One thought on “HALLOWEEN 2013: IT’S NOT OVER ‘TIL IT’S OVER

  1. Halloween is fun, because it’s just what it is. We can all make it and decorate for it in a way that appeals to us. No other real demands other than fun. Yay.

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