I seem to be on a family kick this week.   (Warning, it may continue into the future.)  Mostly because I do a LOT of projects for my family.  Who else should receive the fruits of my labor when my own house becomes full?  And there’s always the fact that there’s less judgment involved when you make things for people who love you already!

This summer, I was inspired by spring grapevine wreaths I saw on Pinterest.  Conveniently, I had just inherited some grapevine wreaths from someone who had retired from crafting.  (Another family story for later.)  I randomly decided to make a wreath for my sister for her birthday.

That was a risky decision.

Why?  Well, remember how I told you I descend directly from the Queen of DIY?  My sister is actually the one who inherited MOST of the artistic genes in the family.  You want it?  She can make it or paint it.  And she can sew, so she definitely has that up on me.   As a result, I tend to stay away from “making her things” as gifts.

But hey – what the heck!?  Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind.

Plus, I had a TON of orange burlap (part of that same inheritance.)

You see, ORANGE is a color that really belongs to my sister’s family.  My sister loves orange.  She has always dressed my nephew in a lot of orange.  Honestly, he looks pretty darn cute in it!!

And then, after a while, my hubby and I started calling orange my nephew’s SIGNATURE COLOR.  (Kind of like when everyone decides you would LOVE to collect statues of bears and gives them to you on every holiday – just because you bought yourself ONE BEAR statue on a whim?!  Oh well, we couldn’t help it…) 

Seriously though, I think we ALL should have signature colors.  I mean, usually you only hear about celebrities…artists…furniture…fashion moguls – having signature colors.  But why can’t we all?  It’s FREE and not reserved for anyone in particular.  And think about it – look around you – don’t you already have your preferences?  Colors that make you happy? One that speaks to you and says “I WANT TO BE YOUR SIGNATURE COLOR?!”

Anyway – back to the wreath.  I covered a prefab monogram letter from a craft store with the burlap and hot glued the edges closed with a thin ribbon.  Then, I used guerilla glue to attach the letter to the wreath. (Sorry no pics – I wasn’t blogging at the time!)

Signature color – CHECK!  Attached to wreath – CHECK!  Make bow from fall-ish ribbon – CHECK!

In the end, my sister got a fall wreath as a gift for her birthday.  (I know right?  How did I know that was at the top of her birthday list??  Insert sarcasm here.)   I’m not sure how she REALLY felt about it.  But she said she absolutely liked it and again, that’s the great thing about family.  I think it turned out great!

H Fall Wreath

I actually thought it was so great that I recently spray painted another monogram letter and made a small version for myself.  Of course, I don’t have a “signature color” YET (still working on mine!) so white’ll have to do for now:

W Wreath

 What about you?  Do you have a signature color? 




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