It’s that time of year where we tend to think about our family and what they mean to us.

This year I looked around in my storage area (while digging for my Halloween boxes) and realized how many things I had that had been owned by prior family members.  Family who isn’t here on the ground with us anymore.  (So to speak)

Frankly, I never have a place to put most of the stuff I OWN, let alone those things in boxes that have come from other people and eras.  I thought – “How better to honor and remember them this fall than get it out and display it?”

My mantel needed a fall look too.   I mean really – how boring can I be?

 Mantel before

When I started to pick pieces out to use, I realized the only thing missing was something to tie my theme together.  So I grabbed some burlap and some paper leaves that a friend had given me.  I hot glued each leaf to the burlap and cut around it to create this two layer look.

leave copy

Then I used a little Elmer’s on the edges of each piece of burlap to make sure it didn’t come apart. (It tends to want to do that…)  I added ribbon with a small knot through a hole in each leaf.  This tied them all together.  After adding some self adhesive letters,  I ended up with this adorable little banner to hang on my mantel.

banner final edited

For the mantel arrangement itself, I used mixed metallics.  I polished some of the silver and hung up a few pieces of gold china as well as a very old embroidered framed family tree from my hubby’s side.

mantel final edited

Banner on mantel

For the final fall touches I added sheaves of wheat (tutorial another day!) and lots of gourds.

 Sheaves of Wheat edited

In the end, it became excellent reminder for us about our past and where we came from.  I think it will definitely help me be more cognizant of all I have to be grateful for this year – and it also makes the family room darn pretty!  🙂

mantel with candles final



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