My front door can be a challenge.  It is a VERY dark green.  So dark green that I completely admit – for the first year we lived here, I thought it was black.  (Ahem, hubby straightened me out and I finally took a closer look.)

Since dark on dark doesn’t really work on my door, I attempted to makeover my long time Halloween wreath a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted it to be lighter and brighter.  Instead it turned out…well…just LAMER.

What does this have to do with frames?  Well, I have come to realize that you don’t need anything IN THEM to USE THEM in your home.  And I saw a couple of VERY COOL frames at a thrift shop the other day and snatched them up.

frame before

It turned out to be a very good thing I did because when I got in the Halloween decorating bind – the old frames really saved the day!

The first one I used in the dining room to create a layered look on my buffet.  I “shopped my house” so to speak and came up with this.  Burlap is pretty trendy these days – I happened to have some from various projects leftover.  All in all, I thought it wasn’t too bad of a look!

Halloween Deco edited

The second one I used on the front door.  I found a hanging “antique-looking” skeleton bride at a craft store on sale…4 bucks!! (with the ever available coupon of course)  How could I go wrong?

Between the bride (the kiddo said “Ick!”)  the frame, and the only salvageable part of my former Halloween wreath – THE RIBBON – and I had black and white door decor.  Not bad either!  (I did put felt pads on the back of the frame so that it didn’t bang on my door all the time.)

Door frame edited

Just a warning.  You may see these frames again in the future.  The possibilities are endless!  Oh and…




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