I’ve been having my first bout of blogger’s block.  I had so much fun with my gourd and pumpkin ghosts, my brain went into overdrive trying to think about my next project.  (I told you before – I’m honest, I’m not going to lie to you on this blog.)

My creative luck changed when I found this sweet box at the thrift shop for $4.  I actually saw it and walked away earlier in the week.  I was very glad it was still there when I went back.  SWEET!

Royal Crown Cola before

I took it home, thinking I was going to use it to hold all the remotes and such down the basement.  My basement is what I like to call “Mixed Modern Vintage Football.”  Basically: Give the hubster a man cave without it truly being just a man cave.  He knows it, I know it…whatever works.  😉

Anyway, the box didn’t go where I thought it would.  I couldn’t let that hold me back.  It occurred to me that it might make a great table.  A table I could keep more of our sports memorabilia (yay?) in.  But that required legs.

I really believe in searching my house before I go shopping.  Often I find something I need that I completely forgot I had. In this case, I did have different table from some old décor that I didn’t need anymore.  The legs were perfect for this project.

I reinforced the RC Case with screws where needed.    Then I needed brackets to attach the legs to the bottom.  But dang it, it was raining like crazy.  I had no desire to go ANYWHERE.  Conveniently I have replaced many (many, many) light fixtures over the past several years and had a few of these brackets:


A little bending, a few small screws and I attached the legs to the bottom of the RC case.  It holds it enough for the purpose!  Might need something more stable long term, but for now – it’s just for show!

Legs Installed

Now for a top.  I wanted glass.  So I took apart a piece of art that wasn’t ever (ever) going to go up on the wall.  The glass fit perfectly into the top of the box. (NOTE:  If I want to put stuff on top of it long term I’ll need to get a thicker piece of glass.)  Again, my creative luck was flowing!

final table 3

A few items inside, glass on top and I’m happy to say I have a new vintage piece that completely matches my basement.  Sometimes rainy days turn out pretty great after all.  And sometimes you just have to stop worrying about every little thing and go with the flow…you never know what you’ll end up with!

Final Table



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