HALLOWEEN & WEED BARRIER: I know, strange right?

Well, Halloween is a strange time of year I guess.  But seriously, I came to love weed barrier for Halloween projects many years ago when my hubby and I bought our first house. (Dang that makes me seem old!)

Weed barrier (otherwise known as landscape fabric) has a lot going for it in the Halloween crafts department.  First of all, it is black which is obviously a key color this time of year.  Secondly, it is OK with hot glue if you are careful.  (We all know how important hot glue is to us DIYers.)  Thirdly, it is an indoor/outdoor product that feels like fabric.  Lastly, I know a roll costs like $10-$20 bucks at a home improvement store, but YOU GET A LOT OF WEED BARRIER for your money.

I don’t remember if it was Martha Stewart or some other super DIYer that I got the idea from – but I used weed barrier to make my first Halloween window décor.  Basically, you take old white sheets and cut them to fit your windows.  (if you don’t have white sheets, white muslin works too) Then, out of the barrier, you cut ghosts or bats or whatever “stirs your spirits.”  Make ‘em BIG but not so big that you don’t see white sheet.  Then hot glue them to the sheet so they look like this:

Window bats

Then tack them in your windows.  Or use whatever method you are comfy with.  Just make sure there’s nothing behind them at night.  That way – you can light them from behind and TADA – you have ghosties and batty things in your window.  They actually look pretty cool!

Window bats

The kiddo loves them and another thing:  THEY ARE REUSABLE!  I don’t care what they say about window clings…they aren’t the same after the first use.  I’ve been using these for YEARS.  (I actually felt inclined to iron them this year because they were looking a bit wrinkled.  It sort of ruins the effect when you have wrinkly bats and ghosts.)

Window covers at night

Now I apologize for the long post, but I promised multiple weed barrier projects.  This year, I really wanted Halloween pillows for my front porch rockers.  But let’s face it, decorative pillows are expensive.

Instead – I found these cute kitchen towels at a major retailer.  For $5 and using the rest of my weed barrier (from all those years ago) – I created pillow covers for my outdoor pillows.

Halloween Pillow Idea

I took the barrier and the towel and wrapped it around the pillow.  I hot glued the towel and barrier together around three sides to fit.  After that I folded and safety pinned the top closed.

 Halloween Pillow Idea Halloween Pillow Idea

One thing you will learn about me is that I’m not a sewer – if I can glue it – I GLUE IT.   Then, with the safety pins, I can take them off the pillows and reuse them.  Honestly, if it were for a warmer time of year where I thought people were going to sit outside and “cuddle the pillows” – I’d make a bigger effort.  But really they are just for looks at this point.  And they’ll stand up to the weather, so that’s all that matters!!  I thought they turned out pretty cool…

Halloween Pillows

PS:  Ok, who is having trouble saying the word “barrier” now because I wrote it so many darn times?  I know I am!  Anyway, I’d love to hear if you have done a project with (you know) before – comment here or on FB and let me know.


4 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN & WEED BARRIER: I know, strange right?

  1. When I say the porch on Friday I thought it was GREAT. Festive and welcoming. Plus, as you noted, it fit the newly re-done front of the house.

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