GOURD GHOSTS: Basic but darn cute!

As you all know, I was severely behind on Halloween decorating.  And I had REALLY wanted to revamp my “front of house” décor this year.

I honestly felt like Pinterest had taken my brain and squished it up – Everyone was rocking the fall ideas and I was having creative overload problems.  Contributing to my brain squeeze was the fact we had the front repainted this year and had gone to the effort of changing the overall look.   The old stuff just wouldn’t work.

Then, last Monday I stopped at the farm stand near my house and saw these great gourds.  In the past, I had seen them painted as ducks etc.

All of a sudden, it clicked for me – I SAW GHOSTS!  Well, not actual ghosts. (Thank goodness or I would have freaked out.)  But the gourds looked like ghosts to me.  I bought two gourds and a bunch of little white pumpkins.  3/$2, WHAT A DEAL!

You know how we all love the little minions from “Despicable Me”?  They are so BASIC and CUTE.  Who wouldn’t love them?!

Well sometimes DIY projects need to be BASIC.  (Like while I am desperately trying to do Halloween decorating…)  And sometimes (if you are lucky) that turns into CUTE.

 Halloween Ghourd Ghosts by Me, Myself & DIYHalloween Ghourd Ghosts by Me, Myself & DIY

So…I got lucky.  I decided on all black and white for the front of the house this Halloween.  I painted black ghost eyes on every little pumpkin and made the gourds white with spray paint and gave them eyes too. Halloween Ghourd Ghosts by Me, Myself & DIY

I did some additional decorating that I will share with you later this week.  But in the meanwhile, I hope my simple little ghosts made you smile.  I know they worked WONDERS for me!!

Halloween Ghourd Ghosts by Me, Myself & DIY


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