I was going to number my projects, but I don’t think that’s going to work out.  Eventually we will all just get REALLY CONFUSED!  Another blogger’s lesson learned…

Anyway, here’s the big reveal from this past Wednesday’s “What would you do with it?”  My final project for the Trash to Treasure FUNdraiser tonight!  I can’t believe I got everything done.  It’s been SO MUCH FUN!

As a reminder, here’s my $4 thrift shop find – the school chair.

School Chair Before

First, I took it apart and primed all the pieces.

Chair Primed

Then, I painted all of the pieces white.  It took about 2 coats to really cover it.  After that, I went to work taping my chevron pattern on the back and the seat.  I cut 2 inch pieces of painter’s tape and made sure they were down very tightly.  Then, I painted the back and the seat with 2 coats of the pink.  After the second coat, I peeled the tape.

Tape pulled

Peeling the tape and seeing clean lines is THE BEST FEELING!  I challenge you to try painting stripes, it is not as hard as you think and SO MUCH FUN!  Pick something easy the first time – it will be worth it and you will end up completely addicted, I promise.

Back to the chair.  I wanted to have a paint dip effect on the legs.  My kiddo wanted me to do an “ombre” look with the pink paint.  (Do we watch too much Project Runway or WHAT??)  I wasn’t up for ombre yet, so I put the metal frame in a garbage bag and taped off everything but the chair feet and a little bit of the leg.

 Paint Dip

Once everything was protected, I sprayed the pink.   After a nice long drying period, some clear coat and another nice long drying period – I put the chair back together and added felt pads to the feet.  Here she is!

Chair after

I hope someone snatches this up tonight!!  It was a blast to make and I’m very proud of the result.

PS:  I’m looking forward to sharing my Halloween decorations in the coming week.  YES, I FINALLY DECORATED!!


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