The Tiki Hut in the basement was a FANTASTIC idea…in theory.

I had visions of grandeur that basically ended in frustrated denial. But as all of us DIYers learn – NOTHING IS SIMPLE.  Bottom line is: the canopy that I was going to use was TOO TALL.  DUH.  At the time, this equaled EPIC FAILURE in my head.

I re-evaluated and managed to hang grass skirting from the ceiling and suddenly the whole darn basement looked like a Tiki Hut.

The photos – well, also aren’t great for sharing the fun with you guys.  Tough lighting and the fact my real camera is in the shop…I told you, I still have a lot to learn!

I do want to share the PALM TREE.  Really, the palm tree was my favorite part. And considering was made of craft paper and a kid’s boxing bag – I was pretty impressed with myself.

boxing bag

I wrapped the boxing bag in craft paper first.  I used painter’s tape to attach it initially.  Then hot glue at the seams to hold it.  I think you could use other things to make the base of the palm tree.  A column in your home, a coat rack…anything like that!

Then, I took green craft paper and bendable PVC pipe and created the leaves.  I found the PVC in the plumbing section at the local home improvement store.  It is $2 a piece and I know I will reuse them for another project.  I cut out matching leaves so that they would be green top and bottom.  Then I hot glued the two sides of the leaf together making sure I left an unglued area down the middle of the leaf for the PVC to go into.  I cut slits along the sides to make them more like real palm leaves.

Palm leaves

Then I slipped the ends of the PVC down inside the wrap on the boxing bag.  I bent the PVC as needed, arranged the palms and then stapled up top as needed.

After a little paint, I was the proud creator of a 5-ft-ish palm tree that the kids LOVED.

Tree final with table

Ultimately, isn’t this our love/hate relationship with DIY anyway?  Those days where nothing comes together.  The moment every project turns out exactly as you planned?

Palm Tree

The girls ended up having a blast.  I wish I could better represent how awesome the basement looked to them as they slept under the grass skirting with all their faux candles and Tiki lanterns (end of season Dollar Store find!).  But really – if the kiddo is happy – the blogger mommy is happy!tiki lanterns

PS: I have to thank the hubby for tolerating me during the highs and lows of this party prep. He really was the key to my survival….but like any smart guy, he also knew when to head for the hills…bless his heart! 



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