PROJECT #3: Candlestick Makeovers for all Occasions

Some things can be SO OBVIOUS but yet, I still don’t think of them myself!

When I saw this post by Life as a Thrifter:  – I was immediately inspired to jump right in and PAINT MY OWN CANDLESTICKS.

I made these as parting gifts for my 40th birthday party.  They cost me $30 TOPS.  Everyone loved them including me! (I almost didn’t want to give them up…)


Lately I’ve been seeing the fall cream on cream décor as well as the Halloween black and white all over cyberspace.  I absolutely HAD to come up with some of my own.  With a little spray paint and some items from a craft store – I spent about $15 bucks to come up with both of these.  Check out the before and after!

Cream candlesticks before Cream candlesticks afterward

Candlesticks beforeblack candlesticks after

This is something EVERYONE can do.  It’s cheap and easy – WHATEVER YOUR THEME IS!  Just go to your local thrift store, find some candlesticks, grab a can of spray paint and GO TO TOWN.  Happy Decorating!

PS:  I’m happy to say these will be donated to one of my favorite non-profits for a fundraiser.  I’ll keep you posted on the deets!



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