I absolutely had to start something unique with this blog. There’s so many awesome people out there blogging about fantastic projects – I had to step up my game and engage everyone.

And be honest, how many times are you in a store trying to justify a purchase – thinking to yourself (or mumbling aloud as I often do. The people in Home Goods probably think I’m nuts!) – “I totally love this piece but, WHAT WOULD I DO WITH IT?”

That’s when I thought of WWYDWI Wednesday. I know, it’s long. But hey, you can #HASHTAG anything these days.
So here’s the first item. Quick note: Sometimes I will own the item; sometimes they will still be sitting in a store because I walked away and left them there. (You can make fun of me when I do that.) This piece is actually sitting in my garage waiting for a makeover. I KNOW what I am going to do with it – but I’d love to hear your ideas.

It’s a school desk. An oldie but goodie.

And yes, the top does come up like this.

Please GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS!? And let’s kick off our first WWYDWI Wednesday together! 


2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday: WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT?

  1. It could be a good way to have a laptop in a handy place without it sitting out. It could also be good by the door, with a small lamp on the flat bit and a place to hide a purse, wallet, keys work-papers etc.

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