Here it is – the toolbox I found at thrift for like $4.

Toolbox before

On closer examination, it may not have been worth that. But, I was absolutely DYING to have one to makeover. EVERYONE is doing it! So, I had to work with the limitations of the one I purchased.

Ok so – I’m addicted to Big Bang Theory. ADDICTED. Don’t you love their doors? The metal looking ones with the nail heads? If you watch, you know. If you don’t, check it out sometime. It ROCKS. (TBS gives you a hundred chances a day.) Anyway – The toolbox was so beat up already – I decided to add upholstery tacks. I used this stuff.
Toolbox Things You Need
It was harder than I thought. One thing about this blog. I AM NOT GOING TO LIE TO YOU. If it is hard, I’ll tell you! The wood was BAD. Really hard to get into. I had to use an awl to create a hole first and then use pliers to keep the tack straight (and to avoid bashing my fingers) while I hammered.  Like this.

Toolbox Plyers

But in the end, I got them in. Then I tried priming it – just to see if it would help cover. It did.

Toolbox Primed

I used Valspar spray paint and when I spray painted the whole thing cream – I was VERY HAPPY about the way it turned out. Rustic and ready for fall! Or, whatever season I decide to use it for.

Toolbox finished 2 Toolbox Finished 1

PS: See those fluffy plants in the background? I don’t know what they are called, but here’s a tip…if you are anything like me and aren’t ready to give up the summer – just take the dead stuff out of your planters, leave the good stuff in and add some of those fluffy plants. It’s like a taste of fall without a lot of effort! GOTTA LOVE IT!


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