Project #1: Start a blog.

Project 1 photo

And here it is! I did it! I posted something PUBLICLY!

It’s been a year today since I lost my job. I only say that as a point of reference. As a result of that event –I have spent the last year “finding myself, one project at a time.”

It’s been hard. It’s not what I expected! But that’s ok, that’s life. In truth, there have actually been many projects that have brought me to this point. I invite you to view them on Pinterest.

“So why the blog?” you might ask. Well – first of all – I’m not very good at promoting myself. PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE so to speak.

Secondly, I love DIY. And I do lots and lots of it. So I started posting them to Pinterest. And people ACTUALLY LIKE MY STUFF.

Thirdly, I’ve been inspired by many friends. Friends who are doing the things they love AND ARE SUCCESSFUL AT IT. (you know who you are!) But more about them later. (I promise!)

So here it is. THE BLOG.

Me = Stuff about WHO I AM.
Myself = Projects and things I DO MYSELF.
& DIY = ? That could be anything. Craft ideas, furniture fix ups, a good kid’s recipe, house remodeling…definitely O(ther) P(eople’s) P(rojects) and sometimes, AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION!!

I will not lie. I have much to learn. Better pictures to take, harder projects to try. Bear with me. But I WILL PREVAIL!

So thanks for being here. Thanks for reading. And welcome to ME, MYSELF & DIY!!!


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